Jo Darby

Day 14: Leeds – My First Proper Freelance Client

Today I went to Leeds to meet my first proper freelance client. I am defining ‘proper freelance client’… Read More

Day 13: Freelancing via People Per Hour

I can’t quite believe that in only 2 short weeks since leaving a full time job, I have… Read More

Day 9: A Magical Trip to the Tip

I feel like chronicling my time off has just turned into me banging on about how busy I… Read More

Day 8: Meeting Heavy

Today has been another busy day, with meeting, after meeting and then on to a lunch meeting. Yesterday… Read More

Day 7: No official job

I wanted to chronicle my life since I left my last job a week ago and wasn’t sure… Read More

Month Of Community Management Changed The Way I Complain

Whilst I was winding down in my last job my responsibilities changed and I ended up filling in… Read More

I Had To Try And Explain The Value Of Social Influence

Social Influence is now kind of like a currency. You can trade it, you can buy it and… Read More

A Little Quiet

I’ve been a little quiet of late and I’m really sorry. I want to write more and I… Read More

Bloggers, Vloggers & Influencers – What to put in your media pack!

Media Pack graphic

If you’re looking to monetise your online presence such as your blog, YouTube activity, Instagram, etc. then you’ll… Read More